Meet The Bravest People In Syria... And They're All Volunteers

“We crossed the border at 3 a.m.,” Saleh said in an interview with The Huffington Post last week. He remembers the time for a reason: It was the moment he attained relative safety for himself and his family. Crossing into Turkey meant they had successfully outrun the Syrian army’s airstrikes. Saleh never imagined it would one day be his job to run back toward the bombing.

A Syrian Revolutionary Speaks Out

He says he stood up in 2011 because he and his comrades felt a duty to change their nation’s destiny. In spite of the revolution’s peaceful beginnings, he was aware of the dangers, but he never could have imagined the costs. 

You Know How James Foley Died. This Is How He Lived. 

When we think of James Wright Foley now, one image is seared into our collective memory: a screenshot from a video, a prisoner on the verge of death. It’s a horrifying picture, the final scene in Foley’s tragic journey from documenting war to becoming its victim.

Pulling Back The Hood: The Overdue, Under Told Story Of The Clitoris

Goss, like the editors who came before him, endeavored to stay as close to the original text of Gray’s Anatomy as possible — making alterations only to include new medical findings and correct previous inaccuracies. But he made one significant change that went largely unnoticed by the medical community: he erased the clitoris.


This Is Not Your Independence Day

The 4th of July might commemorate the independence of our country — but it also serves as a bitter reminder that in 1776, the country that I love had no place for me in it.

The Conversation You Must Have With Your Sons

These are conversations often had by loving parents like you. They come from a place of care, they come from a place of concern but most notably they come from a place of upside-down, cultural indoctrination that is hurting, stifling and punishing young women.

#I'mWithHer But I'm Not Voting For Hillary

And yes, I’m voting for Susan B. Anthony and Rosa Parks and Lilly Ledbetter but even more than that, I’m voting for the women whose names I’ll never know, the women who fought and sacrificed and suffered for equality. The women who died believing that they’d lost because they were much smarter and faster than history allowed.


The One Thing To Know If You Think Women Make 'Excuses' For Not Having Sex

An Excel spreadsheet might be the last thing that anybody would expect to go viral on the Internet, but when a man used one recently to document all the reasons his wife didn’t want to have sex with him, that’s exactly what happened.

Here's What The Internet Could Look Like In 2025

Predicting the future of technology is a fool’s errand. But that certainly hasn’t stopped us from doing it.


5 Myths About The Gender Wage Gap Debunked

Women have made huge gains in the workplace but real job equality won’t exist until it’s reflected in a paycheck.

15 Shocking Numbers That Will Make You Pay Attention To What ISIS Is Doing In Iraq

65. That's the amount of water (in feet) that would roar toward the city of Mosul if the Islamic State decided to destroy the Mosul Dam.

Here Are All The Times Doctors Without Borders Tried To Warn Us About Ebola

When it comes to Ebola, it’s not that the international community wasn’t warned, it’s just that nobody was paying attention.


20 DIY Lifehacks With Office Junk That Will Blow Your Mind

Sure, your iPhone is cool and all. But wouldn’t it be cooler if it were powered by toilet paper speakers and propped up by binder clips?

If You Have A Mac, Memorize These 13 Keyboard Tricks

If you’re going to spend your life with your hands hovering over a keyboard, you might as well do it right.