Award-winning creative director, content strategist, writer and media activist


Carina Kolodny

Carina Kolodny finds it very difficult to talk about herself in the third person, but she’s trying to be a grown up about it so here goes:

With a BA from Sarah Lawrence and a MA from Parsons, Kolodny has traversed the world as a media activist and transmedia storyteller. Her work is Emmy-nominated, webby-nominated and shorty award winning

Kolodny has worked for places like Hearst Magazines, Viacom International and The Huffington Post.

That said, she feels like it would be redundant to talk too much about the stuff on her resume because you can find all of that by looking at her resume.

What won't you find? 

Kolodny's work experience is diverse but certain threads run throughout the entirety of her career:

  • Meeting audiences where they are and activating them into meaningful action
  • Experimenting with new technologies and methods of storytelling
  • Finding unique and engaging points of entry into difficult and often complicated subject matter
  • Connecting people, places, products and ideas in unorthodox ways

Kolodny takes her work very seriously but she doesn't take herself very seriously. She thinks life is probably better that way.